Win Learn Change

Three years ago I made it a personal goal to start playing my favorite sport basketball on a regular basis instead of just watching it.  Keep in mind that I had not played since Junior High school.  Over the past three years, I had to deal with confidence, stamina, health, learning my limitations, and minor injuries that would keep me out of any action for a month or so at times.  Since complete perfection in basketball (or anything) is unattainable, I sought to become better instead.  I would win, lose, and learn how and why.  This in turn would allow me to implement appropriate changes to be better moving forward.

The concept of Win Learn Change is one of the most important life mantras I have come across thus far.  By practicing this with basketball, it has taught me to apply it to all aspects of my life.  Professionally, personally, and even with relationships on all levels.  A simple example of this in practice would be the action of shooting a basketball.  When I first started playing basketball again, I initially shot from my hip or chin inconsistently, my shooting elbow was not straight, and I had little to nil knee movement to elevate my shot properly.  Over time, I learned to shoot over my head with a straight elbow, and used my knees to elevate my shot properly.  As a result, my shot has become more consistent to help me win.  You can easily take this example and apply it to your life at work, or to accomplish anything in life.

While I am not officially versed on what Thomas Orths has formalized in practice with Win Learn Change, it is still a concept that I strive to live by.  At some point I plan to attend Orths’ endorsed/certified class or seminar on this leadership concept.


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