A Week Away

I have to say I am not too excited about staying in Anaheim for my Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA) training and exam.  San Diego is appreciated the second I step away from it for more reasons than just the city itself.  I am however looking forward to learning new tricks with RHEL6, and hopeful about obtaining my RHCSA.  My CentOS 6.2 VMguest is gassed up and ready for work, and I’ll be sure to post any blog worthy RedHat morsels through out the week.

Apple’s Facetime in action, 01/29/2012.
Thankfully for Apple’s Facetime, being away from home is slightly more tolerable by keeping in touch with Kristina through out the week.  This app is simply put, rad.  I cannot wait for Apple and Verizon to open this up past the WiFi limitation.  I’m sure this will happen when the next iterations of the iPad and iPhone make their way out of Apple’s Willy Wonka factory of gadgets.

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