There, and back again…

So my bittersweet trip to Anaheim finally ended this past Saturday.  There were a couple things I enjoyed during my stay out there despite the fact that it was the city of Anaheim.

  • Walking to class/work is awesome.  I wish more things in life were pedestrian accessible to me.
  • An L.A. Fitness with a basketball court was conveniently next door to my hotel.  I loved coming home to the hotel, and heading straight over for some pick up games.  My best day there was Thursday,  as I finally adjusted my game to the regulars that played there.
  • I passed my RHCSA (Red Hat Certified System Administrator) exam and had my results and certification digitally delivered to me on the same day.  Initially, I was a little shaky on how I did due to relying on system-config-lvm rather than pvcreate for physical volume extent creation.
  • The Amtrak Surfliner train station was 5 minutes away from my hotel.  I was so happy to pick up Kristina on Friday night to top off a week away from San Diego.
  • The greatest place on earth, Disneyland!  I had not been to Disneyland since grad night in High School prior to Saturday’s visit.  I still remember exiting the park to the music of Bones Thugs and Harmony, The Crossroads.  At any rate, using Disney’s Fast Track as opposed to wasting an hour in line is a great idea.  Kristina and I were able to visit every ride in the park other than Matterhorn because it was down for maintenance.  At the end of the day I think we satisfied our Disneyland appetites for the next decade or so.
So Anaheim, I officially bid you adieu… See you at the Crossroads…


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